Samsung may be planning to release an affordable Galaxy Note 10 Lite

There have been rumblings of Samsung working on yet another Galaxy Note 10 model. A model number was recently discovered that matched up with other Note models and seemed to follow the rumored “affordable” Galaxy Fold’s numbering pattern. A new report claims Samsung has settled on a name and it will be the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

The model number for this “Lite” Galaxy Note 10 is SM-N770F. The “N” at the beginning is the reason why it was previously believed to be in the Note family. The speculation that the device would be affordable was based on the rumored model number of the “affordable” Galaxy Fold. The original Galaxy Fold has model number SM-F900F and the rumored affordable model is SM-F700F.

So, to put it all together, the original Galaxy Note 10 has model number SM-N970F. You can see how it falls into place as an affordable Note 10. The report claims Samsung will indeed be calling it the “Galaxy Note 10 Lite,” but there is no information about what will make it a “Lite” mode. When you start talking about a “Lite” Note the question becomes “is it even a Note then?” Can a Samsung phone with a small display be considered a true “Note?” What if it doesn’t have an S Pen?

We should learn more about this device in the coming months. The Samsung Galaxy S11 should be announced sometime around February, so it will be interesting to see when Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

Source: SamMobile

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