Smart actions can now set reminders from notifications of other apps

One of Android’s best features is the contextual actions that show up in the notification shade. The smart actions can give you easy responses to messages, a shortcut to copy a code, quick access to Google Maps navigation, and many more things. Now, there’s a new button showing up to let you quickly create a reminder with your favorite apps.

A new smart action has been showing up for some users that allows them to quickly set a reminder. The shortcut appears when a notification is asking you to do something. For example, a Telegram message that says “don’t forget to buy milk.” You will then see a button to “Set reminder,” which can work with a number of apps.

If you have a couple of apps that can handle reminders, the button will take you to a pop up to select the one you want. For example, Google Keep and Google Tasks work with the action. If you only have one installed, the smart action will show the icon of that app. Whichever app you use, tapping the action will bring you to the app with the title of the reminder pre-filled in. Reminders created in Keep are synced with Google Assistant reminders as well.

Currently, this new smart action has appeared in notifications from Telegram and WhatsApp, but not for Messages, Gmail, or Twitter. The phrases that trigger this shortcut tend to demand action: don’t forget, please buy, or bring this, etc. Adding an exclamation point or more vague messages like “dinner tonight at 7 pm” don’t trigger it yet.

It’s not clear what made this new action start showing up. It may be limited to Pixel phones at this time. Also, there’s no guarantee the feature will stick around. Google could pull it just as quickly as they added it.

Source: Android Police

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