Speaking in Tech: Rock your body now, Java’s back… ALL RIGHT!

Plus: More Valley douchebaggery, NotPetya, death of backups, and more


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Ed, Amy and Greg are back together for this week’s uber-nerd podcast with special guest Richard Seroter, senior director of product at Pivotal, to talk about bad actors in tech, destructive malware and developer productivity with obscure programming languages.

The details…

  • (0:00) Vertigo from U2
  • (5:30) Valley of the Douchebags
  • (8:09) Sacca sorry
  • (13:10) Petya, NotPetya
  • (15:42) The death of desktop backups
  • (19:56) Fyreguy gets busted
  • (22:25) Resolution to the middle seat dilemma
  • (27:42) Return of Java
  • (35:13) The intersection of containers and PaaS
  • (38:06) The rise of platforms
  • (41:06) “There’s not a single technology that will make a company relevant”
  • (44:10) Are you normal? Inbox Zero

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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