Subby helps you manage your online subscriptions so you never miss a payment

We’re becoming a society of subscriptions. Customers pick and choose which services they want from each company and then pay a monthly subscription fee for each of them. The more services you subscribe to the more difficult it can be to know which payments are coming up next and when they’re due. This is where the application “Subby” comes into play.  It was created by XDA Member cristidclxvi and it can help you manage all of those online subscriptions so you don’t forget about an upcoming due date.

Subby comes with over 300 subscription templates to choose from and the template that a service uses can even be automatically detected. The application supports over 30 currencies and you’re even able to set a preferred hour to be notified of your upcoming subscriptions. The majority of the features are available for free, but it does come with some niche features (such as Google Drive backup & restore) that require an in-app purchase to be unlocked.

Subby The Subscription Manager (Free, XDA Labs) →

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