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9 Common WordPress Myths Debunked (with Explanation)

Despite WordPress being the most popular website builder in the world, there are a lot of misinformation about WordPress on the internet. Some of these common WordPress myths and misconceptions end up confusing users and leading them to choose the wrong platform. In this article,… Read More »

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LTE flaw lets attackers hijack your browsing session and spy on the websites you visit

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) was introduced in order to improve upon current mobile data network protocols. LTE combines performance goals with security and is used by both the general consumer and enterprise alike. As such, it requires a high level of resilience against attacks due to the potentially private nature of the data being transmitted. aLTEr…

WPA3 WiFi security standard is final & coming to devices with the Snapdragon 845

The WPA3 WiFi security standard has been certified, as announced by the Wi-Fi Alliance earlier today. It’s yet another incremental network security protocol upgrade and was necessary after WPA2 was cracked wide open early last year – eleven years after it was officially unveiled. Devices require more enhanced security hardware to utilize it, something which…

Google Play Store will authenticate peer-to-peer app downloads and add to your Library

People often equate sharing APK files with piracy, but there are many situations where it’s perfectly legal and acceptable. In those cases, you still want the APK to retain its authenticity so the Play Store recognizes it as a legit application. Google is introducing a new system for marking “apps obtained through Play-approved distribution channels” as…