Telegram 4.8 Brings Video Streaming and Automatic Night Mode Support

We’re used to seeing consistent updates from the folks behind Telegram, and sure enough, they announced Telegram 4.8 this week. The update focuses on a few things that improve the overall end-user experience. For example, there’s a new streaming video feature, a new setting that automatically enables Telegram’s Night Mode, and a Telegram Login Widget that lists all of the websites you’ve logged into via Telegram.

With Telegram version 4.8, the team focused on improving the user experience. They started with the video player —  before, when someone sent you a video, you needed to download the whole thing before you could play it on your device. But with the new video streaming support, you can start watching videos right away. The playback bar tracks your progress through the video, and a light gray line shows how much of the playing video is buffered.

Another new feature in version 4.8 automatically switches the Telegram app to a dark “Night Mode” theme, when enabled. You can schedule it to trigger after nightfall or in low-light conditions.

The last new change adds a Telegram Login Widget. In Telegram 4.8, you can look inside the Privacy & Security section of the app settings to see a list websites you’re logged into via Telegram.

The update follows on the heels of the Telegram 4.7 update last month, which added support for multiple accounts in a single client, and a quick reply feature that can be triggered by swiping left on the message to which you want to reply. And it’s also the first big update to the Telegram app after the release of Telegram X, the team’s built-from-scratch experimental messaging client for Android.

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