The Pixel 2 Will Automatically Switch to Do Not Disturb Mode When Driving, Can Be Switched Off

The Google Pixel 2 seems to be launching with a lot of exclusive features that other devices running stock Android seemingly won’t receive (at least not soon). This includes the always-on ambient display, Google HDR+, continuous music detection on the lock screen, Google Lens (for now) and augmented reality stickers. Now Google is implementing another Pixel exclusive (at least, for now) feature, though it may prove to be more annoying even if you can switch it off. Google is implementing an automatic do not disturb mode when you are in a car and it will be added to the Pixel Ambient Services app.

This may prove to be annoying for a couple of reasons, the main one being that if you are a passenger in the car, your device may switch automatically to do not disturb mode. The setting mentions it uses “device motion and Bluetooth connections”, so we assume it also could connect to an Android Auto or Android Automotive device and receive information about whether the car is driving or not. If you are a passenger playing music or connecting your phone to the car, then it may still determine you as the driver rather than the passenger.

Not only that however, the second reason is that even though I am driving, if my phone starts ringing there is usually nothing stopping me from being able to pull in, stop and answer the phone. If my phone is in do not disturb mode then I won’t even know if it’s ringing or not.

This is, of course, a good safety feature, but there are a lot of drawbacks too. So long as it doesn’t automatically re-enable itself or, in later updates forcibly turn on, then I don’t really see an issue with including it. All this is is Google implementing more, optional safety features. There is nothing wrong with that.

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Via: AndroidPolice

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