TWRP 3.2.2-0 brings ADB fixes and improvements to OTA updates

TWRP Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Motorola Moto E4 Plus, and Telekom Puls

The most famous custom recovery, Team Win Recovery Project (known as TWRP) has been updated to version 3.2.2-0. This release brings a number of fixes and improvements over the previous version. Notable fixes include proper support for the adb backup feature, along with improving the installation of OTA updates so that you don’t need to decrypt when installing them on your device. You can read the full changelog below as posted by XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy on GitHub.

  • adb backup fixes
  • OTA style update zips will now install automatically without prompting for decrypt
  • minor tweaks to handling date/time on Qualcomm devices
  • updates to some language translations

Users with officially compatible devices will likely see an updated version of TWRP for their device in the coming days if it isn’t already available. While it’s not so much an important update for those who use TWRP to only flash ROMs, there are a number of cool changes for everyone. OTAs being able to install without /data isn’t hugely important, but it will certainly speed up the user experience when updating your phone. Nearly all OTAs will only touch the /system partition, so it will speed up the process at no detriment to users.

adb backup is one of the bigger fixes here, and it’s a feature that rolled out in version 3.1.0. The feature has seen a number of problems since its launch though, with numerous issues being opened up on GitHub for different reasons surrounding it. We can assume that the feature is now likely bug-free and working properly. While OTAs are now more efficient in installing, bug fixes are important too, so it’s great to see an even distribution of work.

If you want to check out the official changelog on GitHub you can take a look at the link down below.

Source: TWRP GitHub

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