Undo Accidentally Dismissed Notifications with Unnotification for Android Oreo

In recent years, Android has gotten a lot of highly requested features. Split-screen multitasking, native support for notification dots on the launcher, and the ability to perform web searches from highlighted text are just a few examples. But while Google has done a lot of work to improve the smartphone user experience, there’s one big feature that’s still missing: A way to undo notifications that have been swiped away.

It’s happened to the best of us: You see a notification you’d like to be reminded of later, but you accidentally dismiss it from the notification shade. Normally, there’s no way to bring back a swiped-away reminder or alert, but Android Oreo introduces new APIs that let third-party applications to do just that. And a new app called Unnotification takes full advantage of those APIs.

Unnotification works by detecting when a notification has been swiped away. As long as the application that sent the notification isn’t blacklisted, the app populates the notification shade with a new notification immediately after you’re dismissed one. The notification shows you which app or service the swiped-away notification came from, and presents you with three buttons: “Undo”, “ignore”, and a shortcut to the notification log.

Unnotification lets you fine-tune its behavior. In the settings menu, you’ll find options that let you increase or decrease the auto-dismiss timeout for the app’s follow-up notification, and there’s a setting that, when enabled, limits Unnotification’s “undo” notifications to the app’s Quick Settings tile.

Unnotification is available from the Play Store. It’s free to use, but has an in-app purchase option for those who want to donate to the developer. As of right now, it doesn’t unlock any additional features.

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