Video: Poptel P9000 MAX Survives Several Extreme Tests, Available in EU Warehouse Soon

If you’re in the market for a new phone with a big screen, but also need something extremely rugged, you’re probably not alone. The Poptel P9000 MAX looks to be a solution here with their super durable smartphone. Check out this video to see it in action.

Poptel put together the five main reasons they think you should choose them as your rugged smartphone solution.

1. The strength of Poptel company
The company itself has been established for almost 10 years and operates business all over the world – Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The up-and-coming Poptel brand is staying true to its name by introducing a tough handset for the masses. The P9000 MAX features global LTE bands. Not only is it a rugged phone in the traditional sense, but it is also a phone that really embraces its use as an option for those working in specific industries. It is definitely worth paying attention to.

2. The super endurance of P9000 MAX battery
P9000 MAX has an amazing 9000mAh battery that lasts for two months in steady mode. It will last for 46 hours of video and up to five days in normal use for calls, giving it an incredibly long battery life.

3. Tri-proof phone survives more than just a splash of water
Poptel P9000 MAX is certified IP68 waterproof to protect your phone against dust and water encounters. Military grade materials also ensure that you’ll have a more reliable device.

4. Enjoying smart life
True NFC support connects smart life, and OTG reverse charge technology turns your phone into a portable power bank. Clever design decisions like this are what enable the P9000 to make your life smarter.

5. Equipped for a safe camping trip
Another highlight of Poptel P9000 MAX is the camping torch which consists of four powerful LED lights to light your world for a camping trip.

The P9000 Max is already in stock and ready to be shipped out for buyers as soon as next week. Can’t wait for next week? Right now, you can get the P9000 Max for 20% off at GearBest.

If you order now, you’ll get free shipping all over the world with an instant shipment. They’ll also send you a free OTG cable along with the package. Don’t miss out! Keep yourself updated the latest things from Poptel on their Facebook page.



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