VLC drops Huawei device support due to background restrictions

The developers of popular media app VLC have decided to drop support for Huawei devices because of their aggressive killing of background activities.

VLC reportedly faced many poor reviews of its app on the Play Store due to an issue out of their hands relating to the “ridiculous” way that Huawei handles apps running in the background.

Notably, the developers highlight that Huawei does not apply the same policy to their own apps on Android.


The problem faced by users is that of issues regarding content playing in the background. One post on VideoLan’s forums contains several links of threads where users have complained about similar problems on Huawei’s devices.

Until the situation is resolved at Huawei’s end, if it ever is, it’s possible to side-load VLC on Android via their official website or APK Mirror.

Have you faced any issues with background activities on Huawei devices? Let us know in the comments.

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