Watch online: How to unleash the power of IoT sensor data with real-world examples

Sponsored webcast While many organisations may still be at the starting blocks of what has been termed the Internet of Things, the operational technology world has made considerable advances, routinely handling data coming from thousands of pieces of equipment.

This area is moving beyond just collating data and is looking towards how to enable its supply chain of equipment manufacturers and service providers to securely share this data and make it work harder.

Doing so creates a number of opportunities for equipment manufacturers, service providers, and their customers — for example, predictive maintenance or spares management that directly involves the manufacturer, or to take things further, feeding information directly into manufacturing, making more efficient processes and better, higher-quality products.

This is not without its challenges, of course: not least the data security ramifications of feeding the right information to the right manufacturer.

In this webinar, we spoke to OSIsoft to learn more about this exciting area.

We uncovered a real-world example, bringing strategic equipment supplier Axens and their customer, International Oil & Gas company MOL Group, who explained how they are sharing operational sensor data to provide value-added services and optimize manufacturing processes.

If you are an equipment manufacturer or service provider wanting to know how to connect with the growing mountains of available data coming from your customer sites, to become more proactive and create new, differentiated services, or if you simply want to know more about how innovative companies are harnessing the power of sensor-based insight, tune in.

Click right here to watch.

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