Why the convergence of the IoT, big data and AI will drive the next generation of applications

The latest market research report titled ‘Technology Advancements Shaping Big Data Progress’ from Frost & Sullivan states that big data, IoT, and AI combined, will take futuristic applications to the next level.

It identifies the important development areas within the information and communication technology sphere which not only has the ability to address the challenges of the Big Data space, but also facilitate development of advanced applications through convergence.

Swapnadeep Nayak, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan TechVision, says: “In the age of digital and connected world, companies have access to more consumer data than ever before. Conventional big data solutions are limited to the usage knowledge of an individual, thereby analysing the past data and providing insights on the behaviour. Lack of skilled resources further restricts the quality of the insights. Advancements in artificial intelligence in recent years are enabling developers to uncover the hidden relationship between data, thereby significantly facilitating data analytics processes using minimal data input and resolving big data performance issues.”

Visualisation technology, and developments in the brain computing interface are the technology segments that are expected to gain significant growth from big data advancements in the coming years.

Another report from the analyst firm, titled “Gamification in the Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025” has estimated that the market will grow at a CAGR of 18.28% from 2016 to 2025. The study analyses the implications of gamification concepts and the influence of advanced technologies on the automotive industry. It discusses the key industry verticals disrupted by gamification technologies, trends driving gamification, and how gamification is used across the automotive sector.

According to the report, biometrics is one of the key technologies gaining traction in the automotive industry. Automotive biometric categories include built-in (biosensors in wheels and seats), brought-in (smartphones, smart watches, glasses, and fitness bands), and cloud-driven information and analytics.

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