Win an Honor 10 and Sign Up for the XDA/Honor Meetup [Also: First Impressions Video]

XDA has an early look at the Honor 10 and an opportunity for you to win one for yourself! Don’t miss our first impression video here.

Win an Honor 10 (All Countries)

Fill out the form below for your chance to win an Honor 10–we have two!

Win an Honor 10 [We have 2]

The Honor 10 in its Box

Honor’s AI Camera on the Honor 10

Honor 10+Community Incentive Program

As many of you know, you can earn prizes each month by being active in the XDA/Honor Community Incentive Program. We’re excited to announce that for a limited time, participation in our Honor 10 forums (whether with new threads or replies) will be more heavily weighted and you’ll earn point faster. As usual, only quality threads and posts are used in the calculation of points.

Honor/XDA Meetup

Meet fellow xda users and android enthusiasts at our exclusive meetup in London, where you’ll get a chance to try out Honor’s newest flagship, the Honor 10!


Wed 16 May 2018

13:00 – 15:00 BST

Register now


Smith’s Bar and Grill

25 Sheldon Square, London

W2 United Kingdom

After the meetup (on May 17th), go to the Three-High Hoblorn Store (be sure to sign up here) located at 315 High Holborn, London WC1V 7LZ, UK To get a free gift bag (to include stuff like an Honor backpack and notebook, plus more) and a chance to interact with the Honor CEO and tech influencers. You’ll also get to meet guests like SuperSaf and MrsWhoseTheBoss. Here you’ll be able to purchase the Honor 10 early and receive a free three month Amazon Prime music subscription.

Honor 10 with Notch in the Display

Dual-lens AI Camera

Honor 10 Launch Event

The official launch event will take place in London on May 15th. We have invited three special guests to attend the event. If you’re also going to the event, keep an eye out for three hidden Honor 10s. If you find them, you’ll get a look at the new device before the official launch.

Find out more information in this thread.

You can also watch a livestream of the event, so even if you can’t go, you wont miss a thing.

Honor 10 Forums

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