You Can Now Select Default Cast Devices in the Google Home App

It seems that with the launch of the Google Home Max and Google Home Mini, that Google is starting to focus a lot on their smart home suite of products. Providing new features (at a cheap price point in the case of the Mini, at $49), such as the enhanced sound systems, Spotify integration and loudness compensation when using the speakers, Google aren’t playing around with their smart home devices anymore. A new update to the Google Home app now allows you to select your default casting device in your home, meaning that if you have multiple Chromecasts or any other devices supporting the Google Cast SDK that you can have a favorite and have that chosen every time.

As can be seen above, there is now a “default media playback” option. When selecting it, you can even determine based on the type of media you’ll be streaming where you want to stream it. If you prefer to listen to music over your Google Home Max, but nearly always watch movies on your living room Chromecast, you can set preferences so that you’ll always have an option chosen for you when you start to stream. If you want to then change your favourite to another device, it’s just as simple to change it as it is to initially set it. It’s simplistic, but it’s a step towards creating the best user experience for the Google Home suite of products.

This comes when Google seems to be putting a lot of focus on their home products, with new software and hardware in their newest releases. It seems that Google may be pushing for a system like the Amazon Echo Dot, where you may have multiple Google Home devices in different rooms, hence why choosing a default, especially for the two different use cases, may be necessary.


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