YouTube app is finally getting a Dark Mode on Android and iOS

While Android as a whole seems to be moving away from dark themes (as seen in Android P), apps can still give users the choice. Google apps don’t typically have dark themes. YouTube, however, is different. The desktop website received a dark mode option last year and users have been requesting it for mobile ever since. In fact, Google says it’s one of the most requested features they get. The requests can finally stop as dark mode for mobile is finally here.

youtube ios dark

Dark mode is rolling out to iOS devices starting today and the Android app will get the update “soon.” The app looks exactly how you would expect. The bright white background has been replaced with a dark gray. It’s not the pure black that OLED users might want. Users can choose between light or dark manually. There’s no option for automatically switching the theme at night. Keep an eye out for the update on your Android device.

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Source: The Verge

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