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Best USB Type-C Accessories and Cables

USB Type-C is the new standard connector for both charging and data on laptops, phones and tablets. While not every device has this powerful port yet, a number of prominent notebooks, including the Ap… to see original story and photos

How to Check for WordPress Security Updates (Beginners Guide)

When starting a blog, often beginners don’t know that they can check for security updates on their WordPress site. Security updates can help protect your website against malware attacks, hacks, and other common security threats. In this article, we will show you how to check… Read More »

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Dyson invests £200m into a UK driverless vehicle campus

Appliance giant Dyson is looking to venture outside the household by investing £200m into building a UK driverless vehicle campus. The company will be redeveloping a Wiltshire airfield for its research purposes, offering plenty of space for testing driverless vehicles. Several old World War Two-era air hangars will now be used for engineering work, housing…