7 Ways to Stay Ahead, Solve Problems, and Learn New Skills

Having O’Reilly as a sponsor is a developer and blogger’s dream.  Being backed by the industry leader is a great show of confidence, but more importantly, I get to share with people a service I really like.  Today I’d like to share with you all of the great ways you can not only keep up in the fast-paced industry but also get ahead by learning new skills!

Join a Live, Online Training

I’m a huge fan of live, online trainings because they provide an environment for following along step for step with an expert as well as an opportunity to ask questions and learn from the questions of others.  Even if you can only catch a portion of an online training session, they’re really worth giving a shot!

Watch Videos, Read Book, Listen to Audiobooks

O’Reilly has resources for learners of all types: video, books, and audiobooks.  All medias are written and presented by industry leaders and are available online.  Quick access to amazing material is another way O’Reilly makes learning fun and always accessible!

Take a Curated Learning Path

Learning paths, curated by an expert, are a great way to learn because they take advantage of the hindsight of the expert.  There’s something to be said for “figuring it out yourself”, but avoiding the pitfalls of piecing together skills is a huge time saver and these paths can keep you in the right state of mind from start to finish.

Participate in an Interactive Coding Environment

Interactive coding environments let you develop in real time, see the results, and continue developing.  There’s no substitute for writing code, making mistakes, and fixing them.  This is my favorite type of learning!

Watch Case Studies to Learn How Great Companies Make Change Happen

Learning how decisions are made at that top can help you to better understand how your daily web development can effect larger goals.  They can also inspire you to and lead you to a path of management.

Get Unlimited Access to O’Reilly Books and Conference Videos

It’s well known that O’Reilly publish the best books about security, CSS, JavaScript, and most other IT topics; they also happen to host some amazing conferences with industry leading speakers.  Whether you are a visual learner or a bookworm, O’Reilly has you covered.  You can get access to all of those videos as well as their book library so you can learn on any number of topics from amazing authors and speakers!

Download the Mobile App for Learning on the Go

One of the reasons I prefer to write (and read) short tutorials is that we’re all busy and want to either learn a new technique or solve an immediate problem quickly.  The same could be said for exploring new skills and technologies.  O’Reilly’s mobile app is a great way to learn on the go, whether it be lunch, the ride home, or in ever-lasting meetings.

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