BlackBerry joins OmniAir Consortium to further focus on autonomous capabilities

BlackBerry has joined the OmniAir Consortium as an executive member to help advance the testing, certification, and deployment of technologies for connected vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

The Canadian smartphone maker successfully exhibited its V2X certificates at the May 2018 OmniAir MotorCity PlugFest. Its security credential management system (SCMS), which secures communication of vehicles with each other and with roadside equipment, will be available in the market in 2018 fall. The SCMS provides security in two ways: digital signatures, which protect messages against manipulation, and certificates, which identify the sender as trustworthy. The SCMS will allow OEMs, suppliers, municipal infrastructure makers and roadside equipment manufacturers to implement V2X security protocols in their automotive embedded systems.

BlackBerry’s infotainment and security technologies will be used by Jaguar Land Rover in its connected vehicles under a multi-year deal signed by both the companies. As part of the deal, the British automotive maker will receive license of the Canadian software company’s QNX and Certicom technology. Additionally, a dedicated team of BlackBerry engineers will support the formulation of the new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) modules.

This is one of several initiatives BlackBerry has launched in recent months around autonomous capabilities. In March, the company launched a wide array of new software capabilities aimed at enterprise users, IT administrators, and developers. With BlackBerry Secure – an end-to-end EoT platform – enterprises can connect and secure their physical and digital endpoints.

Last year, BlackBerry extended its strategic partnership with Qualcomm to deliver ‘cutting-edge’ platforms for connected cars. Qualcomm’s select hardware platforms are set to be optimised for BlackBerry’s QNX used for virtual cockpit controllers (VCC), telematics — including eCall and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology — electronic control gateways, digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems.  They will also work together on ensuring BlackBerry over-the-air (OTA) software and BlackBerry Secure Credential Management (SCM) services are optimised for select Qualcomm Snapdragon modems.

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