Google announces new features in Digital Wellbeing, Clock, and Family Link to help you get better sleep

Google just dropped the details on the latest Feature Drop for Pixel phones earlier today. Digital Wellbeing was one of the aspects of the update, which means some of the features should make their way to other Android smartphones as well. “Wind Down” was recently renamed to “Bedtime Mode” and gained new charging-related scheduling options with Digital Wellbeing version 1.0.3 beta. Google is making that more official along with some other goodies.

Bedtime Mode in Digital Wellbeing

For those unfamiliar with Wind Down/Bedtime Mode, it’s a suite of tools/settings to help you disconnect at night. This includes enabling Do Not Disturb (DND) mode to limit notifications and also Grayscale mode to make the phone less appealing to use at night. Bedtime Mode can now be set to automatically turn on when you plug in your phone (which many people do at bedtime).

bedtime mode

You can choose a bedtime window for when DND will turn on when plugged in. This prevents DND from being enabled any time you plug in your phone throughout the day. Bedtime Mode also has a Quick Settings toggle now so you can easily enable/disable it if your schedule changes. Bedtime Mode is available on all devices with Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.

Digital Wellbeing (Free, Google Play) →

Google Clock Bedtime Mode and Sleep Tracking

Next up is the Clock app, which many of us use to make sure we’re waking up on time every day. The Clock app is getting a new “Bedtime” tab with several tools for helping you get better sleep. The tab shows a preview of tomorrow’s calendar and recent bedtime activity (time on the phone versus time in bed). The app will give you a reminder before bedtime and even suggest calming music from Calm, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

If you have a phone with Digital Wellbeing, the Bedtime tab can work with the previously mentioned Bedtime Mode as well. And to make waking up to an alarm less jarring, the Clock app can show a “Sunrise Alarm” with increasingly bright colors. The Sunrise Alarm starts playing 15 minutes before your scheduled wakeup time.

Clock (Free, Google Play) →

Family Link Bedtime Mode

Lastly, Google is adding some bedtime features to Family Link. Parents can create a bedtime schedule that’s adjusted for certain days and weekends. Once bedtime rolls around, the child’s device will automatically lock, but it will still allow phone calls for emergencies. Google doesn’t mention it, but we assume there are reminders before bedtime approaches.

Google Family Link for parents (Free, Google Play) →

The Bedtime Mode features are rolling out to Google Pixel smartphones now and the new Google Clock features will be available later this summer for all Android devices.

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