Google Calendar enables Google Tasks integration for some users

Google Tasks was launched as a standalone app over two years ago and it has remained pretty barebones. It’s slowly gained more features, like a dark theme, but the beauty of it is the simplicity and Google integration. The company has been working on integration with Google Calendar going all the way back to October of last year. It seems to finally be live for more people.

We first saw this integration between Google Tasks and Calendar late last year. The functionality adds a “Tasks” option when you tap the “+” FAB in Calendar. You can then create a task like you normally would right inside the Calendar app. It works the same way as you can currently create a Goal or Reminder.

Google Calendar tasks
Google Calendar tasks
Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Screenshots from previous build of Google Calendar

The Tasks interface in Google Calendar is similar to creating an event. You can give the task a title, add details, choose a time and date, put it under a specific Tasks list, and decide if it should be recurring. This works even if you don’t have the Tasks standalone app installed on your device, so it could mean using one less app. Once included, you’ll see a new “Tasks notifications” section in the General Calendar settings.

This integration is still not official and it seems to be appearing as a server-side switch. However, it does appear to be showing up for more people, so a full release could be coming soon. Check your Calendar app to see if it’s there. Do you use Google Tasks and do you like them showing up on your calendar?

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