Google Chrome’s split toolbar flag makes it easy to browse one-handed

Google Chrome Duplex arose after Google Chrome Home was deprecated earlier this year. We saw it reach the Canary builds of Chrome a few months ago, but at the time it was buggy and had next to no functionality at all. However, Reddit user /u/armando_rod has discovered that there has been much more functionality added since then. There are a number of cool new features added, and the newly-returned home button is also placed inside of the toolbar.

google chrome
google chrome


Once enabled the toolbar at the bottom houses a number of buttons that can be easily accessed. The home button is down there, along with your tabs and a menu button. But what does the Google G do? It simply opens up the address bar for typing—pretty neat for users using only one hand. But what if your device is in landscape mode? Well, don’t worry, as the toolbar still drops down to the bottom of the screen. Don’t worry if you think it takes up too much space either, as it fades away when you’re scrolling.

Enable Google Chrome Duplex

But how do you enable the split toolbar? It’s pretty simple. You’ll need to be on either the Google Chrome Dev or Canary versions currently. If you’re ready to enable it and give it a try, you’ll need to go to the browser flags page to enable it. This can be found by entering chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-duplex in your address bar and changing the flag’s state to enabled.

Now once enabled, you’ll need to restart Google Chrome as the pop-up message tells you. However, restarting the browser once won’t bring up the new UI—you’ll need to restart the browser twice! Simply force stop the app and then re-open it. You should then have the split toolbar like in the screenshots above! It makes one-handed browsing much easier, so give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

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