Google Home is the first app to support Android 11’s new Device Controls feature

Google released the first Android 11 developer preview in February and one of the new features we noticed was the “Controls API.” The API allows developers to put home automation shortcuts in the power menu. We were able to get these “Quick Controls” partially working in Android 11 DP2, but in DP4 the feature was moved further along and renamed to “Device Controls.”

Yesterday, a few Google Pixel users received Android 11 Beta 1 and we saw further development of the Device Controls feature. We’re also now seeing that the Google Home app already supports Android 11’s device Controls API. A user running Android 11 DP4 was able to get devices from the Google Home app to show up in the power menu.

The user is running DP4 on a Pixel 3 XL and received an update to Google Home v2.23.1.18. These controls weren’t functional for the Twitter user, but we can now confirm they are working after sideloading Google Home v2.23.1.8 on a Pixel 3a XL running DP4. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman was able to turn on/off a lamp and control the brightness with the power menu shortcuts.

Android 11’s Device Controls feature is clearly getting closer to a final product. Android 11 Beta 1 includes new “Power Menu” settings for the cards & passes feature along with device controls. There’s even a fancy new animation that plays on the page now.

Personally, I’m very excited about the device controls feature in Android 11. As someone who is into home automation and has several devices scattered throughout the house, quick access to switches is super useful. Using your voice with Google Nest speakers is obviously the most hands-free option, but something you just need to use your phone.

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