Google is preparing to add a Games Hub to Chrome for Android

More often than I would like to admit, I have spent several frustrating minutes in front of my browser with the Chrome Dino game. The simple game has helped keep my mind distracted from the frustrating reality of not having an active internet connection, thanks to a spongy and undependable connection from my ISP. Perhaps Google has seen my frustration at being unable to master this simple game, as the company appears to be on track to add a Games Hub to Google Chrome.

Thanks to findings from Chrome Story, Google appears to be working on a set of changes for Chrome under the codename “joy” that will apparently add a game hub to the browser. Google Chrome will add in a new page called chrome://games on Desktop, while on Android, the “Top Sites” page will likely feature a “Games” section. Both of these sections could host a curated list of games built for the browser. Chrome Story also uncovered that Google is working on a browser version of the classic Snake game, which will be hosted at chrome://snake when it is ready, similar to how the Dino game can be accessed at chrome://dino even when you have an internet connection. A reference was also found to Proxx, a web-based game.

It is not immediately clear what Google’s complete plan is with the Games Hub. Google Play Games already features a few simple games, namely Whirlybird, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, Cricket, and Pac-Man for when you are stuck with an offline device and nothing better to do. You can also access Dino on Chrome on Android when you are offline or through the flag. So including a shortcut to web-based games seems like a weird move from Google. We’ll keep an eye on how this progresses to figure out Google’s gameplan.

Source: Chromium Gerrit | Via: Chrome Story

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