Google Lens in Google Assistant rolling out to OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5

Google Lens has been around since last summer, but it has taken a while to be available on devices. The feature was added to Google Photos during MWC. Back in March, the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, and Note 8 finally received the feature in Google Assistant. It has rolled out to many more devices since then. The full Google Lens implementation is now showing up on OnePlus devices as well.

Reddit user Agent8923 spotted Google Lens in Assistant on his OnePlus 5 in the UK. Other users in the thread are reporting the same thing on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The Lens icon appears in the bottom corner of Google Assistant. Tapping the icon opens the camera and you can tap items in the viewer to be identified. Google will list suggestions and related items with links. The feature doesn’t always work, but it’s pretty awesome when it does. Do you have Google Lens on your OnePlus device?

Source: Reddit (Agent8923)

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