Hologram makes world’s largest LTE software-defined cellular network for IoT

Hologram has made available what it claims as the world’s largest LTE software-defined global cellular network to enable connectivity for the next generation of IoT devices and smart machines.

The global network that is software defined is accessible to 600 networks worldwide and can be configured through Hologram’s programmable network and APIs.

This renewed network facilitates transparency in pricing options by introducing micro pricing options down to the kilobyte. It also increases flexibility for large applications and deployments for enterprise companies. It uses modern software frameworks to offer an ultra-scalable, self-improving cellular connection designed for quick scalability. Hologram offers to its enterprise customers the most secure connection, advanced diagnostic and management tools, and customizable hardware.

Ben Forgan, CEO of Hologram, said: “Historically, cellular infrastructure has been expensive, rigid, and difficult to maintain making it challenging to adapt the needs of IoT. By applying modern software technologies to cellular, Hologram’s software-defined network changes this paradigm. It allows us to greatly improve performance, cost, coverage and ease of use on a continuous basis, which in turn greatly expands the number of IoT applications that can take advantage of the ubiquity and security of a cellular connection.

“We believe in a future where we can produce better crops with less water through machine-learning, eliminate travel delays with airplanes that predict maintenance needs before they happen, and enable delivery of medicine to remote areas through drones,” Forgan added. “These types of innovations only occur in a world where connectivity for machines is ubiquitous, secure, and easy to implement anywhere on the planet.”

Picture credit: Hologram

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