How to get the latest Samsung Good Lock on any Samsung Galaxy phone running Oreo

Today Samsung released the updated version of Good Lock that works on any Samsung Galaxy device running Android Oreo like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Samsung Galaxy S9. It was showing up in the Galaxy App store in South Korea but not in other regions. Fortunately, it was extracted from existing devices and is now available for all. Unlike the older version of Samsung Good Lock for Android Marshmallow, getting it up and running requires more than just installing a single APK file. We’ll show you what’s new and how to set it up.

Special thanks to KenC from the SamCentral Discord server for the guide and help in making this.

What’s new in Samsung Good Lock 2018

Here’s a brief summary of what’s new, followed by screenshots of the updated app.

  • New quick settings tuner which allows you to change the colors of the quick settings panel, including the transparency of the background.
  • Recent apps customization has also received some new options such as Linear or Cube in. Linear, for example, gives the same look as Android P‘s recents menu.
  • The lock screen can be customized with different clock positions and a lock screen dock for up to 6 apps.
  • A new app called Edge Touch that allows you to add areas to the edge display—pretty much a manual form of palm rejection.
  • Edge Lighting+ adds some new looks like Galaxy which adds particle effects.
  • One-Handed Operation+ adds more features to the old version of Samsung’s one-handed mode.
  • Routines allow you to run IFTTT-like functions with cause and reaction options. You can set certain actions to certain tasks. For example, you can set it to change your screen brightness when you open an app.

How to install Samsung Good Lock 2018 on Samsung Galaxy phones running Oreo

  1. Download and install the files contained in this .zip file.
  2. Install QuickShortcutMaker from the Google Play Store and open it. You are going to need to do this every time you want to change settings for some good lock features because the Good Lock UI is broken in any country that isn’t South Korea.
  3. There are different app names for each feature to change. You need to do this for LockStar (Lock Screen Options), Routines, QuickStar (Quick Settings Options), and Task Changer (Recents Menu Options.) You can click on this then select the first activity in the list. Then click the button that says Try, it will open the settings and allow you to use the Good Lock tools. You will need to do this every time you want to change the settings until Samsung releases Good Lock for other countries.

Enjoy the updated version of Samsung Good Lock! It’s a great app for customizing your Samsung Galaxy phone without root. Let us know below if you enjoy the app on your Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, or other Galaxy smartphone on Android 8.0 Oreo.

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