How to install Android Pie on the Motorola Moto X4

If you own the retail version of the Moto X4 you can install the Android Pie update even though your bootloader is locked and/or blocked. I repeat, this tutorial is only for the retail version of the Moto X4 and will not work on the Android One or Amazon versions even if you have installed other systems on it. This specific guide is only for the retail version of the device. So, if you have one of these devices then you’ll be happy to hear that XDA Senior Member CypherPotato has put together a tutorial to get stock Android Pie running on your device.

As of right now, this guide has been tested on the following devices and it has worked on all of them.

However, tests have shown that this specific guide does not currently work on the XT1900-2 model. There are also some requirements that you will need to have set up ahead of time, which include:

  • An SD card with at least 2GB of storage
  • Making sure the Moto X4 battery is charged above 80%
  • ADB + Fastboot installed (and it’s best to make sure you can access the device before you begin this process)
  • And finally, have the latest Motorola Drivers installed on your computer

Just be sure that you read the full original post of this thread as there are different steps depending on if you are on a retail Android 8.0 device as opposed to a retail Android 8.1 device.

Check out this tutorial in our Moto X4 forum

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