Microsoft Launcher gets updated, includes new features for the Surface Duo

A new update for the Microsoft Launcher is rolling out for Android users that brings some well-needed bug fixes. This new update also focuses on introducing new capabilities as well as fixes for the company’s dual-screen device, the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Launcher version 6.2.201102.92686 is currently available for download from the Google Play Store and introduces features like screen time support on the Surface Duo, keyword search in Office apps, multi-touch app icon repositioning on the home screen on compatible Android devices., and more. Specifically for the Surface Duo, the new launcher includes support for an overview on a single screen and brings improvements to the way the feed page is loaded in landscape and concurrent with another app.

Here’s the full changelog for the latest Microsoft Launcher update:

  • Improvements on opening feed page in landscape and concurrent with another app on Surface Duo
  • Support overview on a single screen of Surface Duo
  • Support screen time on Surface Duo
  • Improvement on app group creation flow via context menu
  • Multi-touch of app icon repositioning supported on the home screen
  • Support keyword search in Office apps
  • Improvements on spacing and icons consistency in the app drawer
  • Fixed known bugs on the app drawer, app icon size, folder swipe up gesture

The new update comes right in time as Microsoft had announced earlier this month that it would be expanding the availability of the Surface Duo in more countries starting 2021. The company confirmed in a blog post that the dual-screen Android device will launch in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Full details of pricing and availability would be shared at the beginning of 2021.

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