Motorola One Power kernel source code is now available

Motorola One Power Android One smartphone

The Motorola One Power is wildly different from anything Motorola has released in the past. After all, it’s one of their first non-Droid phones in several years to not have the “Motorola Moto” branding. It also has a different design language, looking way closer to something like an iPhone Xs and featuring a display notch and a cornered dual camera setup. On the software front, however, the developer-friendly stock Android-based software is still alive and kicking—it’s on the Android One program, after all. And those of you looking forward to modding this phone might be excited to know that the kernel source code for the Motorola One Power was recently published to GitHub.

For users, this means that custom ROMs, like LineageOS, as well as custom kernels, should start coming very soon to our official forums. Developers can check out the source code here. The release is for the Android 8.1 Oreo firmware, though the device is poised to get an Android 9 Pie release.

Download Motorola One Power kernel source code

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