Red Hat teams up with Vorwerk to help create smarter home appliances

Red Hat has announced that Vorwerk is implementing a new IoT environment with multi-cloud support and an infrastructure based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

This hybrid cloud solution is developed from enterprise-grade Kubernetes and Linux containers that provide the flexible, scalable architecture for Vorwerk to expand device connectivity and application processing power.

In order to get better leverage of the increasingly connected nature of the consumer world, Vorwerk applied a digital recipe ecosystem, “Cookidoo,” which contains an IoT environment with multi-cloud support to integrate more than 1.5 million of its IoT devices. Access to this ecosystem can be taken directly via Thermomix — an advanced, multifunctional kitchen appliance, using the Cook-Key accessory. The Thermomix software backend currently includes several thousand containers in hundreds of virtual machines across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

The German firm also made use of Red Hat Services, namely Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Technical Account Management, to help support the entire implementation.

Elsewhere, US-based IoT software company Leverege has announced that its platform has been selected as a component for Cox Communications' recently launched Cox2M Connected Asset Services business line. Leverege will license its platform and provide system integration services to Cox across all target verticals including transportation, fleet management, smart cities, energy, agriculture, real estate, and retail.

Josh Sommer, executive director of new growth strategy for Cox Communications, said: “After an extensive survey of the market, we chose Leverege as our IoT platform partner and system integrator for numerous reasons including modularity and customization of the technology, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, rapid prototyping tools that greatly accelerate the development of end-to-end IoT solutions, and the world-class team that stands behind the products.”

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