Report: More phones with MediaTek chips shipped in Q3 2020 than with Qualcomm chips

MediaTek beat Qualcomm to become the world’s largest mobile chipset vendor in Q3 2020. Having a market share of 31%, the company took a formidable leap alongside the recovering smartphone market this year. Other factors for the chip maker’s growth are being attributed to strong performance in the $100 to $250 price segment as well as growth in key regions including India and China.

The report published by Counterpoint, claims that Qualcomm stood at second position with 29% market share while Huawei’s Hisilicon, Samsung and Apple, all three managed to have a 12% share. Just last week, MediaTek had announced that it will be partnering with popular smartphone manufacturers to bring its new Dimensity 800U-powered mid-range 5G devices to the Indian market as early as next month and the Dimensity 1000 Plus-powered 5G flagships early next year.

counterpoint global smartphone chipset market share q3 2020

Image credits: Counterpoint

According to Research Director Dale Gai, emerging markets in Latin America and Middle East regions, along with the US ban on Huawei helped MediaTek grow significantly. He also said that MediaTek chipsets used in Xiaomi handsets increased by over three times as compared to Q3 last year. Affordable MediaTek chips fabricated by TSMC became the first option for many OEMs to quickly fill the gap left by Huawei’s absence.

counterpoint smartphone chipset vendor share by region q3 2020

Image credits: Counterpoint

Qualcomm was, however, the biggest vendor of 5G chipsets in Q3 2020 with 39% of the 5G phones sold worldwide having a Snapdragon processor. The report further suggested that the demand for 5G smartphones doubled during Q3 2020 with 17% of all smartphones sold in the same period being 5G enabled. It is expected that this trend will move in an upwards direction thanks to Apple’s recent launch of 5G-enabled iPhones. It is being speculated that one-third of all smartphones shipped in Q4 2020 are going to be 5G enabled and there is a high chance that Qualcomm will make a comeback and become the leader yet again in Q4 2020.

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