Research: 90% of US consumers own a smart home device

Research from Metova has revealed the current scale of smart home product adoption in the United States.

According to Metova, 90 percent of U.S consumers now own some form of smart home device. This shows the IoT is well-and-truly reached mass adoption in the consumer space.

Other key findings include:

  • Over 90% surveyed have made a purchase of a connected home device

  • Nearly 70% already have a voice-controlled system such as an Amazon Alexa or Google Home

  • 58% percent of people who own a connected home device are concerned about how it may impact their privacy

  • 74% of respondents think connected home devices are the wave of the future

  • Over 30% who do not have a connected home device plan to make a purchase within the year

Josh Smith, CEO at Metova, said: "Consumers have already made the leap to connected devices in their homes, yet businesses are often too overloaded to leverage these new paths to make the transformation into the home.”

Metova surveyed over 1,000 consumers in the U.S for its report. The company says it covered a wide range of demographics and was distributed proportionately across the country.

An infographic featuring the research findings is available here.

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