Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could come with official cases that store the S Pen

One of the more persistent rumors over the past few weeks has been claims that Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 series will offer S Pen support. More specifically, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be imbued with Galaxy Note-like super powers, allowing Samsung to take the Galaxy S series to new heights.

Win Future is reporting that to welcome the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s new S Pen capabilities, Samsung plans to release special cases that can store the stylus. Samsung will allegedly offer at least two of these special cases: Samsung Silicone Cover and Samsung Clear View Cover.

Unlike the Galaxy Note, the report suggests Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Ultra can’t store the S Pen inside the device, hence the special cases.

“Instead of stowing the stylus in the case of the smartphone as with the Galaxy Note, the cases or covers from the range of accessories from Samsung are support to take on this task of giving the pen a place to stay,” Win Future said (via Google Translate).

If that’s true, these cases might be a must-own for those who pick up an S Pen for their Galaxy S21 Ultra, otherwise, there’s a risk of easily losing the stylus.

With reports swirling about the Galaxy S21 Ultra gaining S Pen support, Samsung is said to be discontinuing its Note line, which will be the end of an era for the company. Despite its flaws — and one fiery recall — the Galaxy Note series is a great option for productivity, and it will be sad to see it go.

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We’re expecting Samsung to hold an Unpacked event on January 14, when the company will unveil its new Galaxy S21 lineup. Speaking of which, we got a pretty good look at all three devices this week, including a video of one of the models out in the wild.

Featured image: Inserting the S Pen into the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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