Save $70 on the new, BTS-themed Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in this new Black Friday deal

Black Friday deals are lighting up like dynamite (sorry for the bad joke but I had to). We’ve seen deals on everything from home appliances, to smartphones, to TVs, to PC gaming equipment, and everything in between, and yes, we’ve also seen amazing deals on wireless earbuds as well. If you’re a K-Pop fan, you probably want earbuds that allow you to enjoy your music to the fullest. And right now, you can get an amazing deal on the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, Samsung’s good and reliable true wireless earbuds, and these happen to be the special edition, BTS-themed earbuds especially made for the biggest stans out there. They’re $130 right now, down from the usual $200 these usually retail for.

    Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition
    The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition come with all the goodies and features that you’d expect from the Galaxy Buds+, including AKG tuning and excellent battery life, in a special purple BTS-themed colorway. They’re also $70 cheaper, a deal definitely worth a look for K-Pop fans.

I’m going to be straightforward with you and say that I’m not the biggest K-Pop fan in the world, so I can’t give a testament for how special they are, but what I can do is talk a bit about why these are a good choice for you. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a decent choice for people looking for an amazing listening experience with decent battery life. In fact, these are so good, some people even prefer them over the recently-released, bean-shaped Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. They offer up to 11 hours of continuous listening, so your beats always go with you wherever you go, as well as 22 hours if you count the battery that’s built into the case.

The BTS special colorway gives you black earbuds with special purple accents as well as logos and details allegoric to the K-Pop boy band. They also unlock a special, BTS-themed lock screen and wallpaper as well as a special connection and battery animation, which are perks that you can get if you also happen to be using a Samsung smartphone. At $130, they’re also one of the best deals on earbuds currently out there, but you’ll need to act fast as they’ll probably be gone soon. Check them out!

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