Someone got their hands on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro before next week’s launch

Samsung has a launch event scheduled for January 14, where the South Korean electronics giant is expected to take the wraps off of the Galaxy S21 series. Alongside the usual smartphone launch, we’re also expecting Samsung to refresh its TWS lineup with a new entry in the form of the Galaxy Buds Pro. There have been multiple leaks of the Galaxy Buds Pro over the last few weeks, which have in turn revealed key specifications, design, and probable pricing of the earphones. As if the leaks so far weren’t enough, we now have our very first unboxing and first impressions video of the Galaxy Buds Pro up on YouTube, revealing pretty much everything there’s to know about this yet-to-launch truly wireless headphones.

The unboxing video comes to us the courtesy of tech YouTuber Digital Slang, who saw a listing for the unreleased Galaxy Buds Pro on Facebook Marketplace, seized the opportunity, and found them to be the real thing. The YouTuber has been posting photos of the Buds Pro over on Twitter for the last couple of days, but now he has gone ahead and posted an unboxing video on his YouTube channel.

In a 17-minute long video, Digital Slang shares their initial impressions on everything from sound quality and ANC to touch controls and latency performance. The video also confirms the existence of the ambient sound mode and active noise canceling with level control, as reported by previous leaks. You can check out the full unboxing video below.

At this point, the only piece of information about the Galaxy Buds Pro that remains under wraps is the global pricing and availability. However, as per a leak last month, the Galaxy Buds Pro could be priced around $199 in the US. With the Galaxy Unpacked event happening next week, we will not have to wait too long to learn more about any missing bits.

Featured image courtesy: Digital Slang

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