Spotify gets rid of its 10,000 song limit cap for your Library

Like many streaming services, Spotify has a few limits, even for paying customers. One of those limits was a 10,000 song cap on Library sizes. Users have been clamoring for this limit to be removed for years – a request started in 2014 has over 12,500 votes. Spotify has finally relented and started rolling out an “unlimited library” experience.

Before now, it was only possible to save 10,000 items in your Library. If you ran into this limit, a message would pop up that said “Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums”. This was especially annoying for anyone who was paying for Spotify Premium. Thankfully, that limit is gone now.

The new “unlimited library” means you can like/save as many song and albums as you want. There are still a few other limitations in place. First, users are still limited to downloading 10,000 songs per device for a max of 5 devices. Playlists are still limited to 10,000 items.

Spotify also says you may see the error message for a few more days, but it’s rolling out right now. It always felt kinda arbitrary to have a limit for how many songs could be saved to your Library. Spotify themselves once said only 1% of users actually reached the limit. Now, those few people can like/save to their heart’s content.


  •  Can I like/save as many songs, and albums as I’d like?: Yes
  • Does this impact the offline listening limit?: No
  • Can I add as many songs as I’d like to a playlist: No
    • This doesn’t impact the current limit of 10,000 items in a playlist.

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