Stop Paying For Phone Service You Don’t Even Use

If you’re one of the many people still using an expensive contract plan for your phone service, it might be time to rethink the way you use your phone. As Wi-Fi becomes commonplace and calling and texting are barely something worth paying for, picking a plan is often a losing proposition. Instead of selecting a plan based on the assumption that you’ll use a specific amount of talk, text and data, why not try Ting and just pay for what you actually use at the end of each month?

If you don’t need an unlimited plan, Ting is one of the best solutions for those looking for an affordable service that will work with your existing phone. Ting partners with both T-Mobile and Sprint to offer nationwide LTE coverage. You can order a SIM card directly from Ting and use it with your own phone. If you shop using our affiliate link you can save $25 off your Ting bill, or use that $25 towards a new phone from the Ting Shop. That’s a good month’s worth of free service considering the average Ting bill is only $23 a month.

The best part about Ting’s no-contract plans is that there are no strings attached. You pay just $6 a line plus the talk, text and data that you use during the month, and usage is shared across all phones under one account. If you don’t send any texts or place any calls one month, you don’t pay for any. It’s as easy as phone service can get.

You can also use any phone you want, even if it’s the latest iPhone or Galaxy, and still have a low $15-$20 bill every month.

Try out Ting using our affiliate link and switch to a simpler phone service.

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