The Corsair T2 Road Warrior gaming chair is selling for $250 during Black Friday deals

So you have managed to set up the ultimate gaming rig with the latest hardware and the best peripherals. But are you still using a basic office chair while gaming? It is time to upgrade! Corsair has a sweet deal on the T2 Road Warrior gaming chair selling and is selling it for $250 on Amazon, down from its original price of $400. Essentially you are saving $150 on this deal!

    Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair
    Get the Corsair T2 Road Warrior gaming chair if you are looking for a robust and stylish throne that also takes care of your back.

The T2 Road Warrior from Corsair comes with a wide seat, tall back, and two-layer custom color accents making it comfortable and stylish at the same time. You get a perforated PU leather seat back and cushion that provides increased breathability and comfort, along with two-layer color accents in Yellow, Red, Blue, White or Black. While the above-mentioned deal is only available for the yellow variant, there are some discounts on other colors as well.

The chair also comes with an adjustable neck and lumbar pillows that have a soft microfiber fabric. You can easily move around thanks to the rollerblade style wheels allowing you to move swiftly on any sort of surface. As for the arm-rests, they are adjustable and can move in any direction or be raised or lowered according to your liking. The seat height can be adjusted with 85mm of movement range thanks to the steel-construction class 4 gas lift. Of course, the back can be reclined fully to up 170° for when you want to take a break. It offers adjustment of the seat tilt angle up to 17° to find the correct spot for your posture.

Do consider getting a comfortable gaming chair as it definitely makes a huge difference in your posture, especially if you have moved to a work from home environment. I recently got one for myself and trust me, apart from helping me concentrate on my work, it has done wonders for my lower back. If you are looking for other deals, we have also rounded up some of the other noteworthy deals on gaming accessories for this Black Friday.

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