The Honor Play 4 can take your temperature with an infrared camera

Technology is always evolving to meet the needs of the public. Sometimes it evolves in ways we never could have predicted, and old technology gets re-purposed for new and clever uses. Infrared cameras on smartphones aren’t new, but the Honor Play 4 is using the technology in a very pertinent way.

Honor posted a video on Weibo that shows the Honor Play 4 being used to measure temperature. The infrared sensor can measure the temperature of objects, animals, and people, but the latter is obviously the most noteworthy in current times. Taking someone’s temperature is one of the ways that COVID-19 can be detected (though it’s not always a symptom).

In the video, we can see that the Honor Play 4 can measure someone’s temperature without touching the person. We’re not sure how long it takes, though, as the video seems to cut every time it’s demonstrated. This either means it’s not a quick process or the functionality isn’t fully ready to demo.

As mentioned, infrared cameras aren’t a new thing for smartphones, but it’s not something we see used in this manner. It’s been used for face unlock and some interesting color effects. The Honor Play 4 series is set to be revealed on June 3rd and we’re not sure if this infrared technology will be present in all models. Regardless, it’s certainly a very 2020 feature to see a phone that can take your temperature.

Source: MyDrivers | Via: Android Authority

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