The Samsung Crystal 85″ 4K HDR TV has a $400 discount, this Black Friday

When it comes to TVs, “go big or go home” is quite true. The experience from a giant TV is unparalleled, and if you have the budget and space for one, it is a no brainer that you should try and go as large as comfortably possible. If you happen to be looking for a giant TV, Samsung’s Crystal 85″ 4K HDR TV has a cool $400 discount, bringing its price down to $1,300 this Black Friday.

    Samsung Crystal 85 inch 4K HDR TV
    The Samsung Crystal 85 inch 4K HDR TV is a good choice for users who want a giant TV with great picture quality without breaking the proverbial bank. It isn’t the best option for console gamers, but movie buffs should have no complains on its immersion.

This Samsung Crystal 85″ 4K HDR TV is from the Class 6 lineup, with TU6950 as its specific model number. This series from Samsung is known for its picture quality in its price range, and the 85″ diagonal is just unbelievable immersive when you experience it in front of you. The TV is powered by the Crystal processor, and it runs on Samsung’s Tizen-based OS for its smart TV lineup. The TV is an LED TV with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160), is HDR capable, and comes with support for Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant for voice control.

The Samsung Crystal TV also packs in a neat trick for a clean showcase, allowing users to route the cable through the TV stand, giving you a much cleaner, clutter-free, and more immersive experience. One downside with the TV is the remote, which is full of buttons and looks to be a bit clunky — but if you are someone who prefers having your shortcuts and controls laid out in front of you at all times, then this ould work out in your favor. Nonetheless, just having a giant 85″ 4K HDR TV present in front of you, and at a relatively cheap $1,300 is a deal that should not be missed. However, if you are big on gaming, keep in mind that the TV specifications make no mention of HDMI 2.1, so you are unlikely to get that sweet 4K 120fps gaming experience from the Xbox Series X and the Sony Playstation 5. If you want something for that purpose, you can explore the Sony Bravia X900H series on sale, but keep in mind that the 85″ version costs a cool $2,000.

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