These Aukey wireless earbuds are pretty great, and they’re on sale for Black Friday

It took me a long time (maybe too long) to get a pair of wireless earbuds. I don’t know why I took so long, are they’re immensely helpful little pieces of tech, but wait I did. Eventually, I saw the Aukry wireless earbuds and decided to try them out… and they’re pretty great! What’s even better is that for Black Friday, they’re on sale, and you can get yourself a new pair of earbuds for just $42.

    AUKEY-EP-N5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones
    Why spend a ton on wireless earbuds? Grab Aukey’s wireless earbuds for just $42 by clipping the coupon on the page. With great sound and active noise-canceling, you can’t ask for much else!

If you’re not an audiophile, these buds perfect, for the most part. The Aukey wireless earbuds offer noise-canceling technology that you turn on and off by double-tapping one of the buds. No app or software needed! Also, they last a decent amount of time and offer great sound. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting a great audio experience with buds like these, but they’re leagues better than my wired earbuds. They pair very easily, too.

They’re not completely perfect, obviously. The silicone covering the earbuds come with were a bit too big for my ears, but they’re easy enough to replace, and the battery life is good (they’ll last all day), but not mind-blowingly good like higher-end headphones. But, with them normally retailing for $60, getting them for $42 by clipping the coupon on the store page is pretty great. And, I can personally vouch for these Aukey wireless earbuds, so it’s not like you’re gambling with something of iffy quality!

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