Vodafone launches unlimited 5G mobile and broadband ‘Together’ bundle

Operator claims it is a UK-first

Vodafone has launched its “Together” unlimited 5G mobile and broadband bundle, which it claims is the first in the UK.

The plans for Together start at £43 per per month and included unlimited home broadband and unlimited mobile data.

For a limited time, new home broadband customers will also receive a free Amazon Echo Plus, through which customers can make and receive calls via Alexa using their mobile plan.

Vodafone is also offering the bundle with 1GB of monthly mobile data for 18 months at £31 per month. 

Vodafone’s UK consumer director Max Taylor said: “It’s exciting to be launching another game changing product with Vodafone Together – the UK’s first 5G mobile and broadband bundle. THe free Amazon Echo Plus is the perfect partner for Vodafone Together, allowing customers to make even more use of their free mobile minutes. With our world first Alexa calls and Vodafone OneNumber, landline calls really will become a thing of the past.”

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