YouTube Music 3.39 for Android finally adds a widget

Google’s music situation has been frustrating for a lot of people. The company essentially has two separate platforms: Google Play Music and YouTube Music. The former has been around for a while and has a lot of loyal users. The latter is new and still lagging behind in features. One feature that has finally been added to YouTube Music is a home screen widget.

YouTube Music version 3.39 includes a handy widget that can be placed on the home screen of your favorite launcher. This is a pretty standard 4×1 widget that displays the album art and song details along with buttons for thumbs down, previous, play/pause, next, and thumbs up. The widget changes color to match the album artwork and it can’t be resized (though some 3rd-party apps can force it).

A feature like a widget may seem like a small thing to some people, but it’s one of the reasons why some haven’t been eager to switch to YouTube Music. Google Play Music, while not perfect by any means, is a much more feature-full experience. YouTube Music is still being fleshed out and small things like widget support go a long way towards improving the overall experience. Download the latest version of YouTube Music below.

YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos (Free, Google Play) →

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